Marie E. Potter

34 memory

MEMORY / text  (Gallery 1)                      Link to Gallery 1 >>>
As the 2015 New Zealand Pacific Studio-Aratoi Fellow, Potter held a solo exhibition MEMORY / text / VISION / object, at the Aratoi Museum of Art and History. The criteria for the Fellowship, was to create work with New Zealand cultural and community significance. This exhibition consisted of two parts, text / installation and object / assemblage. Collectively it honoured the lives of the early settlers and challenged the viewer to revisit N.Z. social and cultural European history. MEMORY / text included a double-sided vinyl text installation consisting of approximately 1,000 vinyl squares. Each square design represented the land or lots that settlers acquired, the layout of the squares alluded to the towns and roads established and individual letters alluded to and honoured each settler family. This two sided installation consisted of words on one side that captured the challenges faced by the early settlers, both men and women. The other side brought focus to many challenges onboard the ship as a passenger, sailing to an unknown land. One side was viewed for the exterior of the museum and the other from the interior.

Table. Prompt to Memory 

A PROMPT TO MEMORY                        Link to Gallery 2 >>>
This post residency solo exhibition was held at the Pah Homestead 2014. It consists of an installation and a wall image. This image shows the installation only which includes artefacts that were part of Potter’s private collection, many belonging to her own female ancestors. She also included fish bones, fish eyes, chicken bones, pumpkin seeds, grated soap and other objects–all part of her own domestic rituals.


Table2 Contemplation

CONTEMPLATION#2                          Link to Gallery 3 >>>
- solo travelling exhibition held at Light Space Gallery NZAFA Wellington, launched Potter’s re-emerging art career post Master of Fine Arts 2010.Installation includes medical and domestic objects which honour the rituals and social cultures established in N.Z. in the 1800s, many artefacts being brought to N.Z. at that time. Potter calls on the influence of her kiwi upbringing, female ancestors and as a trained nurse and maternity nurse, to underpin her concept.

Materialising Memory

MATERIALISING MEMORY                         Link to Gallery 4 >>>
-work was conceived during Potter’s 2014 Residency at New Zealand Pacific Studio. It consists of an assemblage incorporating re-juxtaposed archaeological artefacts from the Burton Collection, presented as a photographic image printed on metallic paper and face mounted on Perspex;  2014 Wallace Art Awards Finalist.