Marie E. Potter

Publications & Articles about Marie

2015             Channel magazine Auckland winter issue
2015             Wairarapa Times-Age - Wrapping walls with words by Madeline Slavick Oct.10th
2015             Wairarapa Times-Age - Students contribute to wall of words by Anne Taylor 20th Oct
2015             Wairarapa Times -Age – Word Art builds community spirit 15th Oct
2015             KOKOMAI Creative Festival Wairarapa events book Oct/Nov
2014             Wallace Art Wards 2014  Materialising memories  - Salon exhibition and catalogue,
                    TSB Bank, Pah Homestead
2014             Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design newsletter May 2014 - Recent residency experience.
2000             Art News New Zealand 2000 August edition article - M. Potter discussing the arts in North Shore City
2000             Registered New Zealand Who’s Who, Aotearoa Special millennium Edition
1997             Leather Artisan Spring edition profile work by M. Potter
1996             Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design, news letter August edition profile on M. Potter
1992             Leather The New Frontier in Art,
                    educational book Publisher Tandy Ltd: Texas Potter’s work main pictorials
1992             N.Z. Craft 1992 Year Book profile on M. Potter 
1991             Basketry Round Up Edited by Sherwin Plant USA 
1990-1985     N.Z. Craft magazines issues 28, 29, 30, 31
1990             Fibre Forum Australia no. 29 profile
1989             Fibre Forum Australia profile no. 28
1989             Commercial Design Trends article on artwork in new Kensington Swan building
1984             100 year N.Z. Women artists BNZ catalogue, part of N.Z. Academy of Fine Arts celebrations,
                    work featured in poster and catalogue