Marie E. Potter


While Potter is recognised for her achievements and contribution to the arts at all levels in New Zealand over the last thirty years, it is as an award winning, innovative, multi-media artist, that her potential to contribute to the broader contemporary art cultural discourse around issues of history and identity and social issues that should be most valued. Potter embraces the genres of installation / assemblage / audio / photography / electrographic / digital imagery / sculpture / TEXT and writing. She brings a strong connection to ‘origin,’  ‘surface’ and ‘form’ as a result of working with leather, textiles, clay, paint, stone, metal and other media over many years. Her work narrates source and other relevant connections associated with cultural and social history, evoking contrasting yet related worlds of the heritage museum, a place of remembrance and interpretation, and the contemporary art gallery, a place of personal style and the imagination.
Her current re-evaluation of New Zealand cultural and social traditions is broadly associated with the early settlers and the British hegemonic systems established in the 1800’s. Potter is interested in not only interrogating associated rituals and traditions, but where these values sit today in 21st century N.Z. An ethnographic methodology enables her to connect with her community, collecting quotidian objects loaded with history and materiel qualities also associated stories which collectively become her art material. Potter is fascinated by the expressive qualities of an everyday object, that it has its own language, one that has the ability to disseminate rituals and traditions connected to a particular cultural value. Her unique work creates a meta-language, a language within a language, one that can immortalise social and cultural history.


Potter is a founding student; past part time faculty member and advisor of Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design (1983-2001); awarded a Diploma of Textile art (with distinction) 1985; Recipient of North Shore City Civic Community City Wide Art Award 2005 for dedication to N.S.C. community arts; Master of Fine Arts 2010; Wallace Art Award Finalist 2014, N.Z. National Contemporary Art Award Finalist 2014; Awarded an invited Short Term Residency at N.Z. New Pacific Studios 2014; Awarded the N.Z.N.P.S / ARATOI Fellowship 2015 plus N.Z.N.P.S Residency. Her work is held in many public collections including the Auckland War Memorial Museum, Wallace Art Trust and others.  (See Commissions and Collections)  
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