Marie E. Potter


2005-1999    Chair Shore Arts Forum arts advisory and lobby group for all arts in North Shore City
2001-1994    Creative Communities Sub Assessment Committee member, N.S.C.C. Community funding
2001-1994    Artformz Festival committee member/chair 2002, ex officio 2004
2001-1993    Northbridge Community Arts Council member, Chair 2000-1999, ex officio 2001
2000-1987    Part time faculty member Whitecliffe College of Art and Design
2000-1997    Master of Arts Administration Degree Advisory Board member Whitecliffe College of Arts &Design
2000-2000    Creative Cities - Auckland Regional Strengths Strategy Assessment Committee,
                         North Shore City Representative
2000-2000    North Shore City Council - Auckland Regional Services Trust Grant Assessment
                         committee member
1999-1997    N.Z.Q.A. General Arts Group Secondary School Level, Advisory Board Craft Representative
1998-1983    N.Z.Q.A. (Structuring unit standards) Craft Representative