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Marie E. Potter - GALLERY 1

  • Memory/text
    34 memory
  • Memory/text  (closeup)
  • THEY. Poem by artist - part of installation.
  • THEY - with VISION / object exhibition component, seen in the interior background.
  • VISION /object (close-up) - consisting of recontextualised objects loaned from the Burton Homestead Archeological private collection.
  • VISION / object - assemblage component of Potter’s Fellowship Exhibition, held at Aratoi Museum of Art and History 2015 Potter worked with what she found in the Burton Homestead, as well as artefacts borrowed from the Burton Homestead Archaeological Collection. This work acts as an agent, honouring yet interrogating the everyday culture of the early settler women.
  • COMMUNITY VOICE. The Aratoi Fellowship also had a second component, which captured the community voice relating to the 'present'. Potter ran numerous workshops involving a school, an art centre, Aratoi and the general public. She gathered words from Waiarapa residents both young and old, who reflected on just how they felt about living in their community in 21st century N.Z. Over 400 words were gathered and became numerous crossword designs created by Potter. In total they consisted of approximately 3000 cardboard letters (55mm x 55mm), temporarily attached to 20 windows in the Aratoi greater building by the artist and remaining insitu for 7 weeks.
  • COMMUNITY VOICE (close up)
  • COMMUNITY VOICE (close up)
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