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Marie E. Potter - GALLERY 4

  • MATERIALISING MEMORY. 2014 NZPS Residency studio work.
    Materialing memory
  • BUTTONS IN A BOTTLE - assemblage presented as a formal photographic work; Finalist in N.Z. National Contemporary Arts Awards 2014.
  • THE MULITASKER (email print of white clay wall work) - part of the Selected International FEMAIL Project exhibition 2013 Birmingham UK – large wall installation consisting of hundreds of A4 email images created by international feminist artists.
  • AN HONOURING This electrographic image is printed on metallic paper and face mounted on Perspex. It honours the late Len Castle and is a close up of one of his wall pieces held in Potter’s private ceramic collection; included in an invited exhibition titled WELCOME at the opening of Satellite Gallery 2012 curator Justin Jade Morgan; part of Emerging Photographic Collection Exhibition Pah Homestead 2013; acquisitioned by Wallace Art Trust 2012.
  • 2004 UNITY -Women's Refuge Fund Raising Exhibition Fort Takapuna ,acquisitioned by a private contemporary art collector (Curator Helen Schamroth)
  • RITUAL - included in the Annual International Selected Miniature Exhibition Toronto Canada 1999 Consists of woven and manipulated copper sheeting, copper wire and waxed linen thread.
  • THE PIONEER (wearable art) N.Z. Sesquicentennial celebrations 1990-invited travelling wearable art exhibition organised by the Govett Brewster Art Museum Finalist and overall winner of the open section 2001 International Confederation of Leather craft USA 25th Anniversary; acquisitioned by the Auckland War Memorial Museum 2002; work consisted of 25 NZ calf skins, porcelain beads and pheasant / duck feathers
  • MAJOLICA 1. Electrographic image 780mm x 780 mm x 40mm
    Majolica 1
  • MAJOLICA 11. Electrographic image 780mm x 780mm x 40mm
    Majolica 11
  • OBJECTS.  Photographic image 500mm x 250mm x 40mm
  • A MOMENT IN TIME.  Finalist - inaugural Central District Otago Art Awards 2011 electrographic image 450mm x 540mm x 30mm
    Moment in Time
  • RANGI Series 1. no.3, limited edition, bronze medallion 50mm x 350mm x 150mm
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